Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Walking Non-Profit Coalition

The National Coalition for a Healthy America (NCHA) is a non-profit corporation established in 2003 to combat the growing epidemics of obesity and related illnesses across America. Their mission is to work in concert with state and local governments, non-profit organizations and institutions to develop and implement broad-based walking and fitness initiatives that increase public awareness and participation in healthy lifestyle programs across all social and economic groups.

The NCHA’s mission statement is reinforced by overwhelming statistics showing that many Americans do not live a healthy lifestyle. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has established that only 32 percent of Americans attain the recommended level of physical activity necessary to maintain a basic level of fitness. Halting and reversing the steep arc of the obesity epidemic will require effective collaboration among government, volunteer and private sectors, as well as a commitment to action by individual communities across the nation. The NCHA was created to provide a conduit through which all these diverse entities may join forces and coordinate their efforts for the common good of the populace.

The NCHA strives to make a significant impact on the roots of the obesity problem in our country.

All of our programs adhere to the following protocol:
1. The program must be accessible to the entire population base
2. The program must be scaleable to allow across a wide demographic and geographic spectrum
3. The program must provide trackable scientific data to gauge the success of the program
4. The program must provide a common link that makes it useable by the population regardless of age, physical condition, current weight, or access to educational and fitness resources.

To reach these ends, the NCHA has developed, along with its sponsors, programs that uses walking as a primary exercise tool. Throughout schools, communities and entire cities, walking can successfully combat an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Our programs promote and encourage simple changes in lifestyle that over time have proven to have a dramatic impact on the health and fitness of participants.

The NCHA believes that one static program or philosophy will not serve the needs of an overweight nation. Rather, we are committed to work with each motivated community or group on an individual basis to develop and implement a program that will serve the specific needs of that group. We invite you to join with us, as a participant or a sponsor, on our journey to return to a healthy America.

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Gary Yarusso
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