Friday, April 29, 2005

Walk off the Weight With a Good Pedometer

If you're looking for motivation to move, try wearing a pedometer. In one study, 400 women ages 19-71 were encouraged to walk 10,000 steps each day for eight weeks and to wear a pedometer while doing so. At the study's start, 40 percent described themselves as sedentary, but after eight weeks, that number had fallen to 27 percent. Even more encouraging, nearly half of the women reported losing weight during the eight weeks. Those who set daily step goals also said they improved muscle tone, increased their energy, fit into their clothes better and decreased stress. "A pedometer increases your awareness of your activity level and makes you realize that every step counts, especially if you can't get to the gym," says Brenda Rooney, Ph.D., a clinical epidemiologist with the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse, Wis.

A few suggestions: Start wearing a pedometer as you go about your day. Once you know how many steps you average daily, you're ready to set goals. Aim to add 2,000 more steps every day until you hit 10,000 (which is equivalent to approximately five miles and burns about an extra 150 calories a day). Some easy ways to step more: Take five- to 10-minute walking breaks once every hour or two throughout the day, walk while talking on the phone, and use the stairs instead of the elevator in buildings whenever possible.

Pedometers come in many shapes and different complexity levels. I, like many others, like to keep it simple. I prefer a simple step pedometer like the one below. It is easy to use, and dependable.

There are other options. You can get a pedometer which counts steps, distance, and pulse. They can have features like FM radio, GPS, and calorie counting. I have some images of some top brands below. The Walker's Warehouseis a great source for all types of pedometers. Check them out.


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